Sunday, 2 October 2011


This is really just me trying to see how the colours of the blog go together but I'll try to write something interesting while I'm at it.

This is not the first blog of mine (my last one looked pretty much exactly like this one). I've always disliked blogs where nothing interesting is written. I don't know about you but I don't really care what some people do all day long. Although there are actually some interesting blogs about creativity and such. A heads up though - this isn't going to be something like what I just mentioned. This isn't going to be creative in any way. At least that's what I've planned so far. I'm simply going to vent my everyday thoughts on the internet despite the fact that I already keep a diary. Perhaps it's the result of a small but strong desire to be acknowledged by strangers and some people that I already know. But I'm not entirely sure. I'm up for debate though, if somebody has an opinion on my thoughts. I think that's the main reason for starting this blog. Discussions are, aside from music and languages, what I like most in the world.
If there's anyone who against all odds has decided to read any of my posts on this blog - I apologize for my lingual errors. I'm not British and not at all American so I hope that you won't neglect my writings because of what might look like a childs spelling and bad grammar. I am but only a human that mixes American English with British spelling.

Also, I would like to thank my friend N.T. for creating the header for me! I could never have pulled that off!

I'll leave it at that for now. So long~


  1. No way .. att jag kommenterar på engelska. Men du kan få ett osannolikhetsbidrag i alla fall så får du översätta själv.

    Visste du att .. du måste skrika oavbrutet i 8 år 7 månader och 6 dagar för att få ihop tillräckligt med engergi för att värma upp en kopp kaffe???

  2. Det gör du så rätt i! Om det är något jag inte förstår är det när folk svarar på engelska när det går utmärkt att svara på svenska.

    Haha! Jag gör en copypasta på den där!
    Jag gillar inte kaffe tillräckligt mycket för att ens brygga det själv men... om någon annan vill göra mig den äran och skrika mig en varm kopp kaffe skulle jag inte protestera!