Saturday, 8 October 2011

New blog

I made another blog for those of you who prefer Swedish. And since it's for those who read Swedish, I don't get why I'm not writing this in Swedish. Här är länken hursomhelst: 

Anledningen är helt enkelt att vissa saker helt enkelt inte kan sägas på engelska, och tvärtom. Vissa saker förlorar sitt sammanhang på respektive språk. Läs båda om du vill variera dig.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Attitudes to life

Pic unrelated
I want to have a cosy Friday afternoon too, just like everybody else! Just because I don't, I'm going to be mad at everyone who feels joy today. Apparently, you have to feel offended if you have a problem that you don't want to solve.

"Being offended isn't a feeling; it's a lifestyle."
Jonas Gardell

Thursday, 6 October 2011

It seems that 57 % of my readers use Internet Explorer! Haven't you explored enough? And on those explorations, did you not notice that there are far more übercool browsers out there? I don't get this world... :C

My views on Sweden

I wrote in an earlier post that I dislike Sweden, which is the country that I live in. I think I ought to explain myself since it's a harsh thing to say. 

The main reason for my dislike towards this northern outstretched country is the people. Just like everywhere there's great people, but so many of us are ridiculous in ways that I don't even begin to comprehend.We go around and complain about the unfortunate weather, our stupid TV shows, the rest of all the ridiculous people here, our horrible taste in music, immigrants, etc. We even complain about how we always complain! And as you can see, I'm not any better. I try to, but fail pretty much all of the time. Relapses in whining is a common thing amongst those who try to stop nagging about everything. Like trying to quit smoking, if you will. It's just too irresistible to say something bad when there's nothing else to talk about, and we're not very fond of awkward silence up here. 

Pic unrelated, still awesome (anime humour)
As I previously mentioned, many Swedes complain about immigrants. The increasing nationalism is a big problem. Not only because the immigrants themselves are discriminated and bullied. Because those of us who don't support racism in Sweden are also threatened by the haters. It's gone so far that some schools refuse to sing the national anthem, and so far that a great many people don't want to be associated with our very flag (since the nationalists often use it in their propaganda).

One thing that many here complain about is how immigrants suck at pronouncing Swedish and using proper grammar. This is a most disturbing thing, in my opinion. I mean, how is ANYONE supposed to be able to pronounce a language that is so absurdly complex in sound! The many dialects aren't always beneficial to the people who come to Sweden either! And the grammar... pfft! I'd like to meet a SWEDISH person who can use correct grammar at all times without checking a dictionary. Even with all of the studies in Swedish grammar that we have to go through.

This is also one of the few things that I am proud of as a Swede. Being able to speak the language. It's one of the hardest languages on earth that you can learn! Our grammatical rules are since long forgotten and an explanation for most of it cannot be found. But despite this difficulty, we don't go around and say "Wow, that guy has really improved his Swedish" or "Awesome! Even while it's so tough, she keeps trying!". No, instead we go all "What language was that?". I have to agree that misunderstandings are very common between natives and foreigners, but instead of being mean I think we should be more encouraging. How fair is it of us to look down on those who make errors in our language when we ourselves, as we travel abroad for example, speak a Swenglish that is really pathetic in comparison?

Also, I dislike the cold.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A very unfortunate kitchen carpet

A disturbing thing in my life is that I always seem to be followed by bad luck. That, or the fact that I just can't escape the consequences of my less brighter ideas. For example... 

Just a few months ago, or maybe a year (time matters not), I was going to try out a recipe for macarons all by myself. My cooking really isn't the best but I have some faith in my baking abilities; though you'll never believe that when I've finished my story. So! I negotiated with my mother about using food colouring to make the macarons green and pink and she allowed me to use them if I kept away from the floor and table. They were going to be delicious with a lime filling in  the middle. I had already made this type of baking with a friend just a few days before what I thought would be an epic baking session. But of course...  it didn't go as planned.

I followed the recipe. I even checked a few videos on youtube! You'd think that would be enough, right... Not for me. In the video they said that if you slammed the baking tray onto the oven, or threw it in the air repeatedly, the floating pink goo would even out and appear to be round. My brain instantly went berserk and thought "WHY, ISN'T THAT A DELIGHTFUL AND SMART IDEA!? I'LL BE THE KING AND THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN AND THE TSAR WHEN THESE BABIES ARE DONE!". 

I started out by slamming the poor baking tray into the oven ferociously (the Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time way) into the oven. I noticed that the sound of that would definitely bring attention to my mother who isn't very fond of having me in the kitchen (I wonder why that is...) and so I began throwing it in the air, catching it with my hands only to throw it up again. That appeared harmless to me since it was only a few centimetres. I was wrong. The tray flipped over since I didn't catch it right and it landed on the crocheted carpet of the kitchen. My mother would surely notice the mess if I didn't act fast. The future of my kitchen practising was at stake!!!

So, what did I do? I tried to wipe it up with a roll of paper; another one of my bad ideas. Obviously, nothing happened. I decided in panic to simply turn the carpet around so that the sugary liquid wouldn't be visible. After all, both the liquid and the carpet were the same shade of pink. And I was horrified.

After my little adventure
I tried to calm down and continue with my macarons. I finished soon enough and was rather pleased with my work. They weren't as tasty as one could wish, but hey! What can you do?  Later that evening my mother entered the kitchen and called for me in her usual high pitched voice that did not bode well. I should be used to it, really, but I don't think I will ever be. Of course *facepalm*. I had forgotten to remember that my memory sucks and so I had forgotten to keep the food colouring on the sink. They were neatly placed on the table with no caps on. A classic. Some time after that I was still not allowed to set my foot in the kitchen except when meals were served. But she never found out about the accident with the baking tray and the very unfortunate kitchen carpet.


I was just thinking about something...

I've tried over and over again. Writing something good. Writing about a topic that I find interesting. However, I find myself over and over again writing about how silly I am and about the mistakes that I make. For example how I show my dislike for my country and the next time cheering "Damn right! Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time is EXACTLY how we deal with the Swedish cuisine!!" (which is also an example of my seizures of hypocrisy and an egotistical mind). After a while of struggling and trying to come up with a different subject for my next post, something that didn't involve seizures of sudden hypocrisy and stupidity, I found out that that's what I mostly think about. My mistakes and how I can improve as a human being. I suppose that's one of the things that I have to improve. I'm even making the same mistake NOW. I'm writing about it! NOW! What can one do? Of course, I could stop writing about it publicly. But that won't stop me from thinking about it. Self-development is super-mega-nyancat important, in my opinion. But this proves that you can take everything overboard.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


This is really just me trying to see how the colours of the blog go together but I'll try to write something interesting while I'm at it.

This is not the first blog of mine (my last one looked pretty much exactly like this one). I've always disliked blogs where nothing interesting is written. I don't know about you but I don't really care what some people do all day long. Although there are actually some interesting blogs about creativity and such. A heads up though - this isn't going to be something like what I just mentioned. This isn't going to be creative in any way. At least that's what I've planned so far. I'm simply going to vent my everyday thoughts on the internet despite the fact that I already keep a diary. Perhaps it's the result of a small but strong desire to be acknowledged by strangers and some people that I already know. But I'm not entirely sure. I'm up for debate though, if somebody has an opinion on my thoughts. I think that's the main reason for starting this blog. Discussions are, aside from music and languages, what I like most in the world.
If there's anyone who against all odds has decided to read any of my posts on this blog - I apologize for my lingual errors. I'm not British and not at all American so I hope that you won't neglect my writings because of what might look like a childs spelling and bad grammar. I am but only a human that mixes American English with British spelling.

Also, I would like to thank my friend N.T. for creating the header for me! I could never have pulled that off!

I'll leave it at that for now. So long~